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Mitchell Cadet Officer Promotions - Both and Byon

March 8, 2019

Congratulations to Lieutenants Luke Both and Brandon Byon on their Mitchell Promotion. The two joined Civil Air Patrol around the same time and advanced through the ranks together. It was a heartwarming ceremony with photos and accounts from those who work closely with them. Commander Ottenhoff reminded other Cadets that each of these Officers was once where they are now, and to look up to these Cadets as examples of what to strive for in Civil Air Patrol. Major Art Milberger expressed how proud he was that the squadron has evolved - 10 years ago, there were only 2-3 cadets in the squadron, and now we've grown to over 30 cadets with 3 Cadet Officers! 


Byon Salutes

Brandon Byon salutes Lt Guzman


Byon epaulets

Lt Byon receives Officer epaulets


Both stands at attention

Lt Both awaits promotion


Lt Both speaks to his relationship with Lt Byon,and how they have grown together over the years. 


Squadron 51's three Cadet Officers - Lt Both, Guzman and Byon


Commander Ottenhoff and three Mitchell recipients

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