Clover Field Composite Squadron 51
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Cadet Programs

For youth between the ages of 12-21, Cadet programs focus on aerospace education, leadership development and physical fitness. Cadets advance at their own pace in a 16-step program that establishes a foundation for advanced education opportunities in STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). CAP also offers flight training opportunities for youth interested in learning to fly.

Civil Air Patrol's Billy Mitchell Award (Cadet Second Lieutenant) milestone is recognized by our Armed Forces for advanced pay grades upon enlistment. 

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Mitchell Award recipients are eligible for enlistment in the Air Force at the grade of E-3 (Airman First Class) versus E-1 (Airman Basic).  The award is looked upon favorably by admissions staff at AFROTC and the USAF Academy.

The US Army and US Coast Guard recognizes the Mitchell Award recipient as eligible for the E-3 grade.    

The US Navy and US Marine Corps recognizes the Mitchell Award recipient as eligible for the E-2 grade. 

US Air Force's Second Lieutenant Anderson and US Army's Major Shen and Captain Lucero presented at our 26 January 2023 squadron meeting.